Windows 11 is Here

Everything you need to know about what's coming next

You may already be aware that Windows 11 released in October of 2021. Perhaps your Windows updates have already prompted you to upgrade. Many have asked if that's something 12:34 is going to handle, and if so, when we're going to roll it out.

Of course for our cloud based clients we have already been supporting Windows 11 upgrades and support needs, but we’ve asked that many other clients wait until we initiate.

Why Wait?

Since an update to an operating system can effect compatibility with government websites, banking software, applications, and peripherals (printers, scanners, etc.) among other things, we like to wait for those kinds of other technology to catch up and release updates that support running on the new operating system before attempting to upgrade our clients.

As always, our priority is for you to have the best technology experience possible, and that includes a smooth transition to new systems. Over the past several months, we've conducted our own internal testing and believe the time is approaching when everyone can safely upgrade so here's what you can expect next:

Why Upgrade:

Windows 11 is the cutting edge of Microsoft ingenuity. With a new centralized "Hero" Start menu, Windows 11 boasts a more intuitive, streamlined interface and features that optimize screen space and workflow.


You can create multiple custom desktops to keep your tasks separate, while still being instantly able to switch between them.

Windows 11 works seamlessly with cloud services so that you get easy access to the apps and information you need anywhere.

And whether you're on the go working from a tablet or laptop, or docked at your desk, modern threats require modern security. Windows 11 is designed to keep the new world of hybrid work safe and secure.


Compatibility and Cost

12:34 strives to keep you up to date so your technology can work seamlessly out of the box. The good news is that the minimum system requirements for a free upgrade to Windows 11 are less strict than our current hardware specification recommendations. That means, as long as your hardware is up to 12:34 specifications, Windows 11 should be a free upgrade for you!
Thank you for your patience while we made sure you will have the best introduction to Windows 11 possible. Your lead tech will be reaching out in the coming months to schedule time for your hardware to receive the upgrade and for your Windows 11 experience to begin!

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