Introducing Our New look

It is safe to say 2020 has not been the year any of us originally expected.

And despite all that has needed to be cancelled, re-scheduled, or held virtually on Microsoft Teams, it has also provided pause, quiet, and a chance for self-reflection. At the end of 2019 we were a company wrapping up our twentieth year in business, we were hit with serious nostalgia. Looking back on more than two decades of serving our clients, we realized that we are not just an IT company. We provide more than just software or hardware solutions. Our work is more than a collection of cables, computers, and cloud technologies.

During this reflection as an organization, especially while COVID-19 impacted each of us personally and professionally, we realized that connection is the thing we are most proud of building. And through that, we are humbled by the support we have found from this community over the years. Looking back, we celebrate our team and the work we have done. Looking forward, we are focused on the innovations that come next.

At our core we are about people. We know have been more than an IT vendor for you– we are a partner in your business and invested in its success. We propose ways for your workflow to run smoother, faster, and more efficiently. We help you grow, allow you to hire more people, and strengthen your impact on our community. That’s what our mission is all about: Enabling organizations to excel at their mission which enriches our world.

Internally, we are much the same. Our team is our family; We help each other learn and grow. We celebrate life’s events together. And we support each other when the going gets tough.

For more than 20 years, these fibers of humanity have been the circuitry in our work. They connect us, they compel us. And in the ever-changing nature of technology, they inspire us, too, to continue to evolve. Many times, our clients are shocked and surprised at how quickly time flies—you may feel as though you “just bought that laptop yesterday”, when really it has been out of warranty for over 5 years! In much the same way, as we looked upon ourselves, we realized that our brand no longer adequately reflected the vision of who we are and where we want to go next. And it became obvious, it was time for something new.

And with that, we are proud today to present to you, who have been with us through so much, the new brand of 12:34 MicroTechnologies!

With this new visual identity, we hope to embody more of who we are as an organization. “We know that consistency is key for our clients. And we want every single interaction you have with our team, website, social media, and regular communications to remind you that we’ve got your back—whether you’re watching or not. We’re looking out for your technology’s age, efficiency, and security.”

Elements within the brand reflect the core tenets of the organization. The bold shape reflects the strength of who we are as a team. The precision of our work is reflected by the representation of the digital clock as well as the clean lines, fonts, and diagonal cut in the logo. But our favorite part are our new colors…

Our personality, our pride, and our energy are truly conveyed through our expanded color palette. “We wanted brighter colors for 12:34 and a way to create a human feel,” said designer Sean McGinnis (from Lancaster-based design agency Quantum Dynamix). “I wanted to add a blend of human and abstract to the design and images. For the abstract, I tried to choose elements that showed movement and speed to tie in with 12:34’s commitment to innovation. To accent and play against the brighter colors of the brand we also incorporated a dot pattern to add a subtle sense of moving forward and to add a little bit more personality to the brand.”

In addition to our change in our visual brand, we have also used this as an opportunity to refine our promise to you, our clients, with the articulation of our Core Values. These values determine the way we do business at 12:34– with you and within our team.

These Core Values carry through everything we do: from how we imagine the future of tech for you, to how we respond to support requests, to how we support our employees, and even influencing our role in the community. To learn more about how our Core Values drive us, as well as the full 12:34 story, check out our About page here on our new website.

With this announcement, it is important to understand that our commitment to you has not and will never change.

“Tailored Solutions. Personalized Service.”

Our new motto reflects our mission and our vision. It speaks to who we have always been. It speaks to who we will continue to be: A valued partner for your business; trusted consultant to you; and a mentor to our team members.

In closing, it is with a heartfelt thank you that we share this new brand, vision, and voice with you today. Without your support, encouragement, and loyalty, we simply would not be where we are today. We are humbled to be a part of the Central Pennsylvania community. We look forward to assisting, growing, and innovating with you, as your trusted partner, long into the future.

Thank you.

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