Windows 11 is here

Designed for the new world of hybrid work, Windows 11 Pro can help unlock the full potential of everyone in your organization.
Powerful for employees. Consistent for IT. Secure for all.
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Hero start screen redesigns productivity

What you need is right in front of you with a centered Start and taskbar and effortless navigation.

Optimize screen space and workflow

Get organized by keeping important apps and information at hand with snap layouts and snap group.


Organized in a snap

Arrange open windows with pre-configured snap layouts that intelligently adapt to the size and dimension of your screen.

Pick up where you left off

Windows remembers and restores your layouts. Just click on any snap group in your toolbar and your layout will be in place.


Work naturally and comfortably

Work the way you want. From enhanced touch and pen features to integrated voice typing, Windows intelligently adapts to your workstyle.

Enhanced touch, pen, voice, and gestures

Work the way you prefer using multi-finger gestures, typing with your voice, and writing with a digital pen in any app.

Integrated voice typing

Natural voice typing enables comfortable and expressive writing in your apps and browser.

Cloud Ready

Device to cloud productivity
Windows 11 works seamlessly with Microsoft 365 so that you get easy access to the apps and information you need anywhere.

Save it all on Microsoft OneDrive
Sync your files with OneDrive for easy backup, simple and secure sharing, and almost limitless storage.

Improved Cloud Clipboard
A refreshed user experience includes integrated emojis and easy synchronization of your clipboard history across all your devices.

Access your PC with Remote Desktop
Use the Remote Desktop app on your phone or other devices to remotely access files and apps on your Windows 11 Pro PC.


Easily get to what matters most

Windows 11 includes built in capabilities like personalized widgets, lighting fast browsing, and single sign to give you the tools and information you need in an instant.

Personalize widgets to stay in the flow

Stay on top of what’s important with personalized aggregated content, including calendar, tasks, weather, and news.

Choose the browser designed for speed

Designed to be the fastest browser on Windows 11, Microsoft Edge works seamlessly with Microsoft 365

One and done

Sign in once for easy access to your local and cloud apps with Windows 11 connected to Microsoft 365.

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