“Bring your own device” isn’t just a fad

It is arguably becoming the dominant workplace culture
More employees are using personal devices for work
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Manage identity, devices, and applications with Enterprise Mobility Suite

We use Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite and other services to manage identity, devices, and applications.

The use of personal devices in the workplace is expanding, challenging IT to manage data environments where devices contain a mix of work-related and personal information. In addition, the right level of access is required per device, user, and user activity, including the use of multiple accounts and identities on a device. Although employees will take some steps to remain secure and compliant, they also expect an experience that is easy, consistent, and satisfying. Therefore, what IT needs, is a way to embrace consumerization without increasing risk, cost, or complexity.

Mobile device management is just one of a set of issues that are related to maintaining a mobile workforce. But our first step is to make IT cloud-based with Microsoft Azure services. Then using the Enterprise Mobility Suite we manage your mobile workforce with Microsoft Intune.

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