Consulting & Response Engagement (CARE)

Our approach focuses on outcomes for you – not the time taken for us to perform work.
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Do you need an easy-to-calculate budget for your IT expenditure?

We’ve designed a client-oriented approach to provide you with service agreements that address and support the IT issues facing your organization. This approach focuses on tasks and outcomes for you – not the time taken for us to perform work. This is 12:34 CARE (Consulting and Response Engagement).

Select from two different levels to match your service requirements and budget. Each level defines the work that will be performed at no charge to you other than the contract value. There is a range of tasks and regular maintenance that will be performed under the scope of the contract agreement. 12:34 CARE is therefore a commitment to you to ensure work is performed efficiently and that your network maintains optimal performance.

Do you need proactive management and monitoring of your IT?  

12:34 is committed to a consistent review of your IT solutions. We’re big proponents for ‘set it and forget it’ features for you, of continuous monitoring and updating, but behind the scenes, we’re on a never-ending exploration of new advancements. New technology is evolving daily, and because our team of experts understands your work, we can make tailored suggestions for solutions that work for you. We stay on top of your IT services because we’re only doing our job right when everything is working smoothly for you. And when issues do arise, we’re here to help troubleshoot 24/7 with our helpdesk.

Do you need reliable computer systems?

12:34 is a company that proactively assesses and analyzes your hardware to ensure it is capable of satisfying your needs and continue supporting your work. The best experience is on a modern device. Most devices with Windows 10 support touch, pen, voice and gesture inputs, allowing users to move beyond passwords and login with biometrics such as face and fingerprints. Compared to a four-year-old laptop, new devices start up faster, are more secure, have better performance, better multitasking, and all-day battery life. 12:34 is a Microsoft Authorized Surface Reseller of Microsoft Surface, and partners with Dell and other vendors for business class devices and accessories. With your business, needs, and network in mind, we can walk you through the journey from quoting to installation, and warranties on new devices.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for reliable, efficient, proactive IT support and service with your budget in mind, it’s time to give 12:34 a call.

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The Microsoft Office you already know, plus productivity tools that will help you work more efficiently
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No matter what your needs may be, there’s a Microsoft Surface for you! 12:34 can help you determine the best fit for your situation.
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We’re committed to consistent review of your IT solutions and advancements, match up the faces to the names
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Business Continuity
Beyond recovering data, business continuity keeps you online in the face of devastation like ransomware, natural disasters, and human errors.
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