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AutoTextMe takes commonly used words, sentences, and phrases in documents or computer programs and creates codes or abbreviations for them.
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Compatible with Microsoft Windows, our software can be shared across networks for use on multiple devices. Take words, phrases, and/or whole paragraphs from a full list of imported codes, abbreviations, and/or symbols and instantly enter them into an email message, Word doc, or other Windows application with the stroke of a key.

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With AutoTextMe you create your own custom list of abbreviations and define your code for each. Simply open the software, input your symbol or code, hit enter, and your work is done! No need to search. No processing time. Just complete sentences, words or phrases to easily add and insert into your document, format accordingly, and use as desired.

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The configuration of the program makes it easy to setup and use in various files or disable the software at any time.

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Use our program to standardize your customer messaging. No more typos in client communications, no more wasting time on time consuming corrections; your customer service department now has no need to worry about miscommunication or embarrassing spelling mistakes when responding to customers via email or letters.

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AutoTextMe can to improve your workflow output. Medical transcriptionists accomplish more in less time by simplifying complex medical terminology without having to type every single word. Law firms replace time-consuming contract creation by adding repetitive contract language to their auto text list. Engineering or architectural firms simplify terminology using the program, while computer programmers easily input sections of code.

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