Microsoft is one of only two companies to receive Impact Level 6 DoD clearance.

So when it comes to your high security work, you can count on 12:34 and the Microsoft cloud.
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Cloud security is nonnegotiable from local to federal government agencies.

There is no room for vulnerabilities when handling critical information with sensitive data that is under regular compliance scrutiny. This is no concern when you choose Microsoft’s Azure Government Security — which is the platform that GCC and GCC High run on— You can rest easy knowing Microsoft provides a layered level of security that can help protect all of that valuable data.

What is the Government Community Cloud (GCC)?

Government Community Cloud is a government-focused version of the Microsoft commercial environment. Most features are the same, with the primary difference being that the data centers are exclusively in the continental United States per the mandated FedRAMP Moderate requirements. Compliance frameworks that can be met in GCC include:

  • DFARS 252.204-7012
  • DoD SRG Level 2 (with no provisional authority)
  • FBI CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services)
  • FedRAMP High


It is important to note that GCC does not suitable for ITAR, EAR and most Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Controlled Defense Information (CDI) handling.

If you’re looking for higher clearance licensing, GCC High is right for you

Microsoft created GCC High to rise to the requirements of the Department of Defense and Federal contractors and meet the stringent cybersecurity and compliance requirements of NIST 800-171.

GCC High is much less similar to commercial Microsoft licensing. Due to the federal approval process, all features and security settings must be DoD compliant and the application developers and support staff are all required to pass the DoD IT-2 Adjudication investigation process. Critical security tools like Azure Sentinel, Cloud App Security, and Microsoft Defender are almost completely rebuilt to meet the more strict criteria because they are commercially noncompliant since they require standing access. Other nonessential tools, like Yammer, are simply left out.

GCC High is reserved for the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), DoD contractors, and Federal Agencies. Every customer hoping to move to GCC High must first receive validation from Microsoft, and 12:34 walks you through your validation process.

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