Cybersecurity attacks—not if, but when:

Did you know 53% of attacks are focused on small to medium businesses? Reliable backup is essential to protect your data and ensure business continuity.
No matter how complex your IT environment
We have the backup solution for you

What does continuity mean for your business?

Imagine you are a medical practice that can’t book appointments because your server is down. How long could this business be down before it starts to “hurt” patients?

Imagine you are a law firm that needs specific case files, but whose files were recently “locked up” by Ransomware.

Imagine you are a retail business that needs to process hundreds of transactions a day, but your point of sale system was damaged in an electrical storm, and you can’t process and record transactions.

How will you stay in business? What will you do?”

Now imagine getting it all back in a matter of minutes.

It’s no longer a matter of “if,” but “when” a real-world threat will compromise your business data. Between natural disasters, viruses, user error, and ransomware these threats are becoming ever-present.

No matter how complex your IT environment may be, business continuity should be simple, fast, and reliable. It should work when you need it to – in an instant’s notice – locally in your office or from an off-site location. It should prove itself day in and day out on your schedule.

Datto is a robust, all-in-one business continuity solution

that brings together state of the art hardware with a secure cloud storage capability. The result is a comprehensive backup, recovery, and business continuity solution that gets your business up and running instantly in the event you can’t access your data or systems.

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Are you ready to put a cyber resiliency plan in place?  

With 12:34 and Datto business continuity, you have an affordable and automated all-in-one solution.

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