Unified email signatures for all

Exclaimer signature management offers consistency and customization

Get your team on the same page

Email signature management enables you to centrally manage Office 365 signatures for all users and devices via an easy-to-use web portal. Consistent email signatures can be used to increase brand awareness and portray a professional image to recipients.

You don’t need to be an HTML expert

Intuitive signature editor

Signatures for Office 365 comes with a dynamic drag-and-drop editor. You no longer have to worry about editing tricky HTML or relying on a designer to create your signature for you.

Design as many signatures as you like

There’s no end to how many email signatures you can make. Create email signature templates for individual users, employees who speak in various languages, different groups/departments, or across the entire organization.

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Get complete control over how your email signatures look

Personalize all signatures

Make your Office 365 signatures come alive by adding personal photo images or other graphic content to your users’ signatures, all centrally managed and easy to set up.

No IT expertise needed

The solution has been designed for users of all IT abilities. Email signatures can easily be created by any authorized user. You’ll also be able to preview signatures before sending them to your users.

Customize design templates for certain groups

Instant updates

Easily alter any elements in an email signature and see the changes instantly. Want to add a new certification or logo? Do it in seconds, and in real time.

Professional email signature templates

Our solution comes equipped with a library of professional email signature templates to get you started. And for advanced users, you can even create a signature as a bitmap graphic with embedded web links or as a full image.

Compliment your closing remarks in style

Establish and maintain your professional signature standards with ease

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