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12:34 provides technology services to companies that don't have their own IT department or those that require supplemental staff. Whether you need hardware/software recommendations and procurement, or custom software/web application development, we have certified professionals on staff to meet your needs. "No IT department? No problem!"

The Team

J. Alejandro Rosado Jr.

Founder & CEO

Susanne Dombrowski

Shareholder & CFO

Pam Beiler

Admin Assistant

Shelly Campbell

Senior Network Admin

Mike Chea

Technology Specialist

Blake Clemens

Technology Specialist

Alberto Flores

Technology Architect

Bill Gable

Project Manager

Joe Housley

Technology Services Manager

Dave Koppel

Developer II

Bobby Lee

Developer I

Doug Mendenhall

Developer I

Steve Reed

Technology Specialist

Zach Stolz

Developer 1

Tina Thalheimer

Office Admin

Sean Weaver

Developer II

Our Services

IT Support

Traditional, time-based IT support can be hard on the budget since you pay for potentially unknown resolution times.

We aren't traditional when it comes to our IT support. We offer a fixed price plan that results in rapid and effective resolution.

Fixed Price Support Plan + Server Virtualization + Antivirus + Firewall & Security + Back-up and Disaster Recovery + Email/Web Filtering

IT Support


We believe the web is the future of computing. As such, it has become our go-to platform for our development projects.

From public facing informational sites and internal business apps, to eCommerce sites and mobile apps, we would love to partner with you to build a perfect solution.

Web Sites + Design + Web Apps + eCommerce + iOS/Android/Windows Apps


Cloud Services

12:34 can help you with all of your hosting needs, from email hosting and web filtering, to data backup and site hosting.

With the cutting-edge expertise needed for this new era of hosted services, we'll tailor a perfect solution to fit your business or personal needs.

Email Hosting + Web Hosting + Azure Configuration + Office 365 + OpenDNS

Cloud Services



The Latest

12:34 Time Newsletter


Windows 10 Calculator Update - History

If you're lucky enough to have already updated to Window's 10, then hopefully you've seen the updates to the calculator. My personal favorite is the introduction of "History".

If you look in the example above, as you click on the "Equals" button, your last equation gets put on top of the history queue. This allows you to explicitly see what calculation's you've made, which is very useful when adding up a long list of numbers. If you happen to miss one, or mess up somewhere, you can look through and figure out exactly where you your error occurred. Other then your piece of mind, how exactly is that useful?

For example, let's assume that instead of adding 63, you meant to add 6.3. Rather than going through all the calculations again, you can go to the last correct calculation by simply clicking on it in the history. This will bring you back to the input for the calculator as seen above, allowing you to add "+ 6.3", then click "Enter" to get your correct calculation.

12:34 Time Newsletter


Display Multiple Clocks

For people who have to daily interaction with someone in another time zone, knowing the hours difference, or having to search "What time is it in England now?", would eventually lead to a lot of inefficient use of their time. Luckily, Windows allow for multiple clocks within the task bar. This can be accomplished with the following steps.

  • First open up the "Control Panel", and click "Clock, Language, and Region"
  • Once you're in the Clock, Language, and Region window click "Add clocks for different time zones", the following window should appear.
  • On this screen is where you choose to add up to two different clocks by checking "Show this clock", selecting a time zone, and giving it a name. Once you have your desired clocks set, hit "OK".
  • Finally click on the time and date in the bottom right corner to view the newly added clocks.

12:34 Time Newsletter


How to Delete Files while Bypassing the Recycle Bin

By default, any time someone tries to delete a file in Windows, it actually isn't deleted but sent to the Recycling Bin. While this is a nice feature that allows for a chance to "recover" an item if you find that you need it later, a lot of people don't realize that they're still required to empty the recycling bin before the files are actually deleted for good (instructions on how and why it is important can be found here). However, If you're like me and feel like that's double the work, there's a really simple solution to instantly deleting your files.

  • Press and Hold the Shift key.
  • Click on the desired file(s) that you wish to delete.
  • While still holding the Shift key, do one of the following:
    1. Right click on any of the selected files, and click delete within the menu.
    2. Drag the selected files over to the Recycling Bin.

12:34 Time Newsletter


Linking to a specific start time in a YouTube Video

While YouTube is arguably one of the greatest resources for videos, it can quickly become problematic when someone has posted a 20 minute video, and you only need the last 3 minutes. Rather than sending someone a link with instructions of “Fast Forward to 17:43”, in three easy steps you can send them a link that will start the video at any time you specify.

  1. Open the desired YouTube video and pause at the exact time that you want the video to start.
  2. "Right-Click" anywhere on the video and a drop-down menu should appear. On the drop-down menu, select "Copy video URL at current time".
  3. "Paste" the copied video link into desired destination (e.g. Email, Skype Conversation, Word Document, etc.)

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