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12:34 provides technology services to companies that don't have their own IT department or those that require supplemental staff. Whether you need hardware/software recommendations and procurement, or custom software/web application development, we have certified professionals on staff to meet your needs. "No IT department? No problem!"

The Team

J. Alejandro Rosado Jr.

Founder & CEO

Susanne Dombrowski

Shareholder & CFO

Pam Beiler

Admin Assistant

Shelly Campbell

Senior Network Admin

Mike Chea

Technology Specialist

Blake Clemens

Technology Specialist

Dan Dombrowski

Lead Developer

Alberto Flores

Technology Architect

Bill Gable

Project Manager

Joe Housley

Technology Services Manager

Dave Koppel

Developer II

Bobby Lee

Developer I

Doug Mendenhall

Developer I

Steve Reed

Technology Specialist

Tina Thalheimer

Office Admin

Sean Weaver

Developer II

Our Services

IT Support

Traditional, time-based IT support can be hard on the budget since you pay for potentially unknown resolution times.

We aren't traditional when it comes to our IT support. We offer a fixed price plan that results in rapid and effective resolution.

Fixed Price Support Plan + Server Virtualization + Antivirus + Firewall & Security + Back-up and Disaster Recovery + Email/Web Filtering

IT Support


We believe the web is the future of computing. As such, it has become our go-to platform for our development projects.

From public facing informational sites and internal business apps, to eCommerce sites and mobile apps, we would love to partner with you to build a perfect solution.

Web Sites + Design + Web Apps + eCommerce + iOS/Android/Windows Apps


Cloud Services

12:34 can help you with all of your hosting needs, from email hosting and web filtering, to data backup and site hosting.

With the cutting-edge expertise needed for this new era of hosted services, we'll tailor a perfect solution to fit your business or personal needs.

Email Hosting + Web Hosting + Azure Configuration + Office 365 + OpenDNS

Cloud Services



The Latest

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Password Protect Word Documents

Have you ever had a situation where you've wanted to restrict access to certain Word documents? Maybe you share a computer with a family member, and you have a list of Birthday present ideas for them saved on it. To help secure your privacy, Microsoft allows the user to set a password which is prompted anytime the document is open.

  1. Navigate to the File Ribbon
  2. On the Info tab Click Protect Document
  3. Select Encrypt with Password
  4. Enter desired Password into the text box and click OK

12:34 Time Newsletter


Thesaurus In Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has many built in features to help you proofread your document. One of these is the Thesaurus. There are two efficient ways of opening the thesaurus. The first and easiest is to simply select any word, and hit the key combination of "Shift + F7". Or you can right click on the highlighted word and take your cursor down to Synonyms (See below). This will automatically display a list of the top 8 results. Below that list will be the option to open the Thesaurus.

Windows 10


Windows 10 is right around the corner! Microsoft has announced the launch date to be July 29th, 2015. We are excited about this newest release of Microsoft Windows, and we hope you are too. We are currently testing Windows 10 here at 12:34 and look forward to showing you what Windows 10 can do in the coming months. We will be taking an even closer look into Windows 10 at the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in mid-July.

If you haven’t heard yet, Windows 10 will be available free to all Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 customers for a limited time. But you can only get that if you register. So feel free to click the Get Windows 10 link and register your system for the free upgrade. Don’t worry; it isn’t going to install it. This process just registers you for the free upgrade.

Later in the year, we will be providing an in-depth look at Windows 10, the benefits, and how we can help you with the upgrade. Thank you!

12:34 Time Newsletter


Outlook's Clean Up

If you've ever been a part of an email conversation, you know that they can quickly clutter up your inbox. Microsoft Outlook's Clean Up can quickly and easily determine whether or not an email is unique to a conversation, and delete it if it's not. This can be achieved by selecting either a single conversation or an entire folder, and navigating to the home ribbon, and then clicking the "Clean Up" button. Finally, select one of the following three options:

  • Clean Up Conversation: To be used only when a single conversation is selected. It will traverse the entire conversation, and if the entirety of an older message is contained within a reply, then the older message will be deleted.
  • Clean Up Folder: To be used when a folder is selected, and only the conversations in that specific folder are to be cleaned up. Subfolder conversations are not affected.
  • Clean Up Folder & Subfolders: To be used when a folder is selected, and all conversations including Subfolders are to be cleaned up.

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