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12:34 provides technology services to companies that don't have their own IT department or those that require supplemental staff. Whether you need hardware/software recommendations and procurement, or custom software/web application development, we have certified professionals on staff to meet your needs. "No IT department? No problem!"

The Team

J. Alejandro Rosado Jr.

Founder & CEO

Susanne Dombrowski

Shareholder & CFO

Pam Beiler

Admin Assistant

Shelly Campbell

Senior Network Admin

Mike Chea

Technology Specialist

Blake Clemens

Technology Specialist

Alberto Flores

Technology Architect

Bill Gable

Project Manager

Joe Housley

Technology Services Manager

Dave Koppel

Developer II

Bobby Lee

Developer I

Doug Mendenhall

Developer I

Steve Reed

Technology Specialist

Tina Thalheimer

Office Admin

Sean Weaver

Developer II

Our Services

IT Support

Traditional, time-based IT support can be hard on the budget since you pay for potentially unknown resolution times.

We aren't traditional when it comes to our IT support. We offer a fixed price plan that results in rapid and effective resolution.

Fixed Price Support Plan + Server Virtualization + Antivirus + Firewall & Security + Back-up and Disaster Recovery + Email/Web Filtering

IT Support


We believe the web is the future of computing. As such, it has become our go-to platform for our development projects.

From public facing informational sites and internal business apps, to eCommerce sites and mobile apps, we would love to partner with you to build a perfect solution.

Web Sites + Design + Web Apps + eCommerce + iOS/Android/Windows Apps


Cloud Services

12:34 can help you with all of your hosting needs, from email hosting and web filtering, to data backup and site hosting.

With the cutting-edge expertise needed for this new era of hosted services, we'll tailor a perfect solution to fit your business or personal needs.

Email Hosting + Web Hosting + Azure Configuration + Office 365 + OpenDNS

Cloud Services



The Latest

12:34 Time Newsletter


Excel Insert Page Break

Continuing on from last weeks tip on the Page Break Preview, we're going to talk about how to insert a new page break in a document.

  1. Starting from the Page Break Preview view navigate to the View tab in the ribbon.
  2. You can insert either a horizontal, or a vertical page break by first:
    • Selecting the column to the right of the location where that you want the horizontal page break.
    • Selecting the row directly below the location where that you want the vertical page break.
  3. In the Ribbon, go to the Page Layout tab, and click the Breaks button.
  4. Click Insert Page Break

12:34 Time Newsletter


Excel Page Break Preview

If you've ever worked in Excel, then you know how difficult it can be to format your spreadsheet to print correctly. Microsoft Excel's Page Break Preview allows you to adjust your worksheet so that you know exactly how it's going to look when you print.

To get to the Page Break Preview, click on the View tab in the ribbon bar. In the Workbook Views click on the Page Break Preview. Which will bring you to the following view:

Page Break Preview View displays the two different types of page breaks using dashed and solid lines.

  • Dashed Lines: Highlighted in the black box, are used to designate an automatic page break created by excel.
  • Solid Lines: Highlighted in the red box, are used to designate a manually created page break. Manually created page breaks can be inserted (which we'll talk about next week) or created by clicking on an automatic page break, and dragging it to a new location.

12:34 Time Newsletter


Windows 10 Scam

This is a reminder that the only way to safely get Windows 10 is through Windows Updates.

Within days of Microsoft releasing Windows 10, hackers have also found a way to trick people into thinking they can get Windows 10 quicker and easier than through the standard update process. The hacker can achieve this by impersonating Microsoft and sending out email with a link to what looks like the upgrade, but it is really malware. Now don't worry…simply reading the email won't infect your computer. So if you receive any email that says you can update to Windows 10, simply delete it.

However, if you're ever unsure about a suspicious looking email or if you need assistance in upgrading to Windows 10, please contact us at 1-866-327-1234 or .

12:34 Time Newsletter


PowerPoint Shortcuts

Shortcuts are always a great way to improve efficiency and speed things up. Just like in all Microsoft applications, PowerPoint has them too. Listed below are various shortcuts to help while working in Microsoft's PowerPoint.

  • Ctrl + M: Create a new slide
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo edits made to a slide
  • Ctrl + Y: Redo edits made to a slide
  • Ctrl + C: Copies selected slide
  • Ctrl + V: Pastes selected slide: You can determine placement by going to Slide or Outline view. The pasted slide will appear after the selected slide in the view.
  • Ctrl + D: Duplicates a selected shape, image, or chart
  • Ctrl + K: Inserts Hyperlink to the user selected text

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